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As a special for Punkin's comic I (Devan) hired 8 artists to make 8 different art pieces of Punkin for her birthday.

These are the artists listed in the same order as their creations: Gin Ingram, Hero the Artist, Kate "Kae" McSpadden, The Unruly Artist, Jill, Will, Angie, and Sarah. To view the 3 part episode click here.

Animals at the Office- Front Cover- JPG.

Sarah Sommer hired me in late November 2019, by April 2020 I had fully illustrated her book.

Animals at the Office is a one of a kind children's picture book about Gator's first day at the office. As you read the book you meet his quirky friends who help him on his journey of self acceptance. Sarah's writing style is full of rhymes and has a lyrical quality to it that comes from her time as a professional musician. To learn more about Sarah and find out where you can purchase Animals at the Office visit

IMG_2605- cropped (2).jpg

Sarah Sommer

Kim Sowa came in to my (Devan's) studio and took professional photos for both her portfolio and mine.

To see more of Kim's work you can visit

Jeffrey Brooks is an up and coming photographer and painter in the Chicago area. In 2021 he approached me (Devan) at an art show and asked if I was interested in modeling. Jeff is one of my favorite living artist so it was an instant yes! A few months later the photo Jeff took was turned into a painting and added to his latest series Halos. This series was showcased at Water Street Studios during the month of November 2021. The quote in the art piece says "Who are we letting make our decisions?" and was chosen because of the way it resonated with the way I feel about my life.

To see more of Jeff's work you can visit

Jonthan Grimm took this photo of me (Devan) from my photo shoot with Jeffrey Brooks and created an art piece of his own featuring myself as a demon. 

To see more of Grimm's work you can visit

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