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The Dark Side
The home of my comics, where cats and general mayhem live together in purrrfect harmony.
Instagram: @devansdarkside


This   comic was started in 2019 and has been regularly posted every Friday since. This comic holds  a special place in my heart since it is about my cat. I took some creative liberties when writing some  of the episodes, but I can assure you Punkin is just as sassy and fluffy in real life. She also really does have a mini back pack with a cat sized katana that she happily will wear around my house.


Curious to learn more about the real life Punkin?

Check out her...


Cutest Cat Ever "Punkin"   




This comic was started in 2019 and has been regularly posted every other Sunday since. This comic is a unique mix of jokes, satire, puns, rude food, and a fat unicorn. I affectionately call this comic the dumpster fire of my  brain. It is where all my ideas I have no idea what to do with go to live their happy lives.

As of 2022 both comics have been moved to Instagram, this is the only place  to find new episodes. You can still find the original 125 episodes on Tapas.

If you love my comics please subscribe to them on Tapas,  follow them on Instagram, and share everywhere to help them grow.
Any and all support is   greatly  appreciated.  <3

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