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Past Events   &    Shows:


1. Starline 4th Fridays October 2017

2. Starline 4th Fridays March 2018

3. Starline 4th Fridays October 2018

4. Starline 4th Fridays January 2019

5. RAW: Natural Born Artists: REFLECT in Chicago February 2019

6. Starline 4th Fridays February 2019

7. 1st Fridays at the The ArtBar:Celebration of Women March 2019

8. Devan's Imagination at the Aurora Arts Initiative March 2019

9. 1st Fridays at The ArtBar: Saturday Morning Cartoons April 2019

10. Spring Monkey Market at Metal Monkey Brewing April 2019

11. 1st Fridays at The ArtBar: Drag Queens & Dragons June 2019

12. Devan Pop-Up at Scallywag Brewing June 2019

13. Starline 4th Fridays June 2019

14. RAW: Natural Born Artists ARISE in Milwaukee July 2019

15. Art by Devan at Limestone Coffee & Tea August 2019

16. Stohlp Block Party at First Fridays August 2019

17. Art on display at "If These Walls Could Talk" for the month of August 2019

18. Alley Art Festival 2019

19. Live drawing with Devan at Limestone Coffee & Tea, August 2019

20. The 132nd Sandwich Fair Professional Showcase 2019 in Sandwich, Illinois

21. Art by Devan Pop-Up at The 132nd Sandwich Fair 2019

22. Art by Devan at Gallery 1904 October 2019

23. Fallapalooza at Lollypalooza & Lolly Too, October 2019

24. 1st Fridays at the The ArtBar: Behold, The Eye Show November 2019

25. 1st Fridays at the The ArtBar: The Punk Show December 2019

26. Holiday Faire at the Starline Factory December 2019

27. Pack the Pantry Art Auction December 2019

28. Month long show Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry with Vizo Arts

December 5th, 2019 to January 8th, 2020

29. 1st  Friday's at the ArtBar: Heroes Show January 2020

30. RAW: Natural Born Artists PREMIERE in Chicago February 2020

31. Art by Devan at the Starline March 2020

32. Unforgettable Art: An Affair for Alzheimer's April 2020

33. The ArtBar June  2020  Virtual  Show:  Rainbow  Art Project

34. The Melody of Color solo show at Gary  Brown Art Gallery June & July 2020:

opening night during 1st Fridays Virtual Show June 2020

35. The Melody of Color Artist Meet and Greet June 2020

36. Summer Sizzling Art & Music July 2020

37. 1st Fridays  Beyond the Walls at Gallery 1904 August 2020 

38. Alley Art Fest August 2020

39. The ArtBar October 2020 Virtual Show: This is Halloween

40. 1st Fridays Art by Devan at Aurora  Taphouse

41. Starline Factory Outdoor Artesian Market October 2020

42. Dryad's Artesian Market at Rabid Brewing October 2020

43. Holiday Faire at the Promenade in Bolingbrook November 2020

44. Art Gifts for the Holidays at Gary Brown Art Gallery December 2020

45. Makers and Shakers Virtual Market December 2020

46. Makers and Shakers Virtual Market January 2021

47. Art by Devan/Dzhelasi/Gin Ingram Women Power Trio Pop-Up at McCarty Mills March 2021

48. 1st Fridays April 2021 Art by Devan takes over  McCarty Mills

49, 50, 51. Artist Made Market at Water Street Studios 3 Saturdays over the months of April and May 2021

52. 1st Fridays DOUBLE STUFFED book release at the Cotton Seed Creative Exchange: Punkin's Purrrsonal Favorites and No Probllama! May 2021 

53. Wolfden's Spring Craft Fair at Wolfeden Brewing May 2021

54, 55. Women of the Arts First Fridays and the Fox River Art Ramble June 2021

56. Metal Monkey Artesian Market at Metal Monkey Brewing June 2021 

57. The Sticker Snobs Show at McCarty Mills Taproom July 2021

58. Crafts and Drafts at Elmhurst Brewing Co. October 2021

59. Fall Monkey Market at Metal Monkey Brewing October 2021

60. Alley Art Festival August 2021

61. Starline 4th Fridays: Kathie Collinson's studio guest August 2021

62. The Sticker Snobs Show at McCarty Mills Taproom October 2021

63. Crafts and Drafts at Elmhurst Brewing Co. October 2021

64. Here Comes the Holiday at Dry City Brew Works November 2021

65. Noon Whistle Artesian Market Novemebr 2021

66. Beer and Cheer Pop Up at McCarty Mills with Joshua Shultz Novemebr 2021

67. Amazing Acro Cats 3rd Annual Auction (paritcipant and organizer) November 2021

68. Holiday Art Bazzar at Gallery 1904 December 2021

69. Art Gifts for the Holidays at Gary Brown Art December 2021

70. True to the Holiday Craft Fair & Krampus Market Decemebr 2021

Community   Projects 

  • Born Learning  Trail  at Lion's   Park   in DeKalb, 2019

  • Sugar   Skull City Project  in  Aurora,  2020

  • Coloring Page created for the city of Aurora's Cocoa Non-Crawl 2020

  • Contributed to the Unity Mural in Aurora created by Luara Lynne and Catalina Diaz

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