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 "I am a self-taught artist with a passion for art and a love for color. I create abstract cartoons for galleries and shows as well as numerous other things. My portfolio is extensive, spanning over 10 years: including 2 children’s books, a picture book for adults, a comic book, several coloring books, and 2 ongoing comic strips. Inspired by the textures of Van Gogh, the style of Dr. Suess, and the colors of Peter Max I created my own style using only markers: Sharpies and Prismas."

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Devan and her beloved cat, Punkin.

Photo credit: Kim Sowa

Some of  Devan's    most popular creations... Also available as prints!    Click here to shop now!

  The Art &   Music Series   

Self published books shipped
to you from in studio!

No Probllama
Punkin's Purrr
sonal Favorites

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